Audition for the KVYSO!

KVYSO membership is open to all players in grades 7 through 12. An appointment for your audition must be made by contacting the KVYSO. Auditions take place twice per season in the summer and in January. The KVYSO audition usually lasts approximately ten minutes. It is designed only as a tool for assessing each student’s ability – it is not intended to be difficult nor intimidating for the player. KVYSO requests that auditioning students have at least one year of playing experience in their school music program before auditioning for KVYSO.

Auditions for the first semester of the 2017-18 season will be held on September 9th, 2017 – location to be determined. Auditions will be scheduled between 8:30 AM and 12 PM. Please contact the KVYSO for more information.

Audition Panel

  • Each applicant will play in front of a panel of up to three judges. Generally, these judges are the KVYSO Conductor and/or members of the KVYSO Coaching Staff (occasionally an outside individual may be on the panel).
  • Following this audition, this panel will discuss the individual’s ability level, and place that student in the appropriate group.
  • Generally, the audition panel will stop the applicant after three or four minutes.
  • Pieces shorter than three minutes are acceptable.

Solo Piece

Students are asked to play all or part of a prepared solo piece. Accompanists are not required.


Each applicant will be asked to play all or part of a set of sight-reading materials. The student may take a brief period to look at the materials, then begin playing.

Specific Audition Requirements:

Wind & Brass

  1. 3 major scales, 2 octaves. Student picks one, audition judge picks 2 from all major scales plus chromatic, OR IMEA SCALE SHEET, whichever the student prefers.
  2. Prepared piece of your own choosing. No accompanist necessary.
  3. Sight reading.

Percussions Requirements

  1. Rudiments including flam rudiments, paradiddles, drags and ruffs, rudimental roll — all slow to fast to slow (open to closed to open)– plus buzz roll (soft to loud to soft)
  2. Timpani tuning: perfect fourth, minor third, major second
  3. Prepared piece of your own choosing.
  4. Sight reading

String Requirements

  1. 3 major scales, 3 octaves (if possible) except 2nd Violin and Double Basses, who may play 2 octaves. Student picks one, audition judge picks 2 from these: C,D,E, F,G, A and B-flat major.
  2. Prepared-piece of your own choosing. No accompanist necessary.
  3. Sight reading.


Placement is dependent on the number of positions available within each section. Orchestra wind and brass positions are offered to the best applicants in each section.


Tuition for each student is $270.00 per season, payable in accord with current season payment policy. Financial aid is available for payment of tuition by contacting the KVYSO Board President immediately after the audition by e-mail, phone, or mail as shown below.


Regular performances are scheduled in the Larsen Fine Arts Center, on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

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